At Studio Gezellig, we bring out the beauty in you.

We emphasize counseling and provide personalized treatments for each individual.

Using high-quality, hypoallergenic materials, we prioritize safety.

With meticulous Japanese techniques and hospitality, we never compromise on anything.


Studio Gezellig is a permanent makeup and eyelash lift salon located in The Hague, Netherlands.

In Japan, I work at a beauty clinic (formerly as a nurse) and have performed over 1,500 treatments.

Currently, I am undergoing continuous training to update my techniques and stay informed on the latest information

We strive to be a salon that delivers the quality and hospitality you desire, leaving you pleased to have chosen us.

If you have any questions regarding treatments or relocating to the Netherlands, please feel free to contact us.

We hope our salon facilitates many positive encounters for you


Studio Gezellig is registered with the GGD (public health center), ensuring that you can receive treatments with peace of mind


This treatment utilizes a special needle to inject ink into the extremely shallow layers of the skin to add color. It offers numerous benefits, such as being sweat and water-resistant, and reducing the time spent on daily makeup application.
Our experienced salon owners provide optimal recommendations based on skeletal diagnosis and the insights of image consultants to enhance the beauty of each customer.

*Our salon offers eyebrow, lip, and eyeliner treatments."
Recommended for:
Individuals busy with childcare or work.
Those who engage in sports or workouts and sweat.
Those who are unsure of the most flattering eyebrow shape.
 Those whose lips lack natural color.


This is a treatment that uses a special solution to curl your natural lashes. With this procedure, you can maintain a curled look without the need for an eyelash curler, creating attractive and captivating eyes.
In our salon, we minimize damage to your lashes by using a low-irritation perming solution that contains beauty ingredients made in Japan.
We carefully assess the condition of your eyelashes and provide thorough explanations, including aftercare.

Recommended for:
Those who want to make their eyes look larger.
Individuals experiencing discomfort due to lashes poking into the eyes.
Those who find it cumbersome to use an eyelash curler or hot curler every day.
Individuals with sparse eyelashes.


Chelsie Jeppson
Chelsie Jeppson
Exceptional Permanent Eyeliner service! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I recently had the pleasure of getting permanent eyeliner done at Studio Gezellig, and I am super pleased with the experience and results! I was so impressed by the cleanliness of the studio and clear attention to hygiene. Asae is so friendly, helping me to feel at ease and addressing my questions. She is clearly an expert in permanent makeup application and I am so happy with my new eyeliner! I highly recommend Studio Gezellig for anyone considering getting permanent makeup. I am grateful for the lovely experience and the beautiful results. Thank you, Asae!
Gabity Heriono
Gabity Heriono
Asae is very welcoming and nice. The procedure also went smoothly and the result is as expected and very beautiful. I will definitely come back again for eyelash lift with her or try other procedures. Very recommended. Thank you Asae!
まつ毛パーマをしていただきました。日本で何度か仕上がりに満足できずサロン選びを失敗していたので今回の訪問に少し不安はありましたが、あさえさんはとても丁寧に上手に仕上げてくれたので大満足です。こだわりの商材のみを使用された高いクオリティーの施術をオランダで受けられるなんてとてもありがたいです。 人柄もとても穏やかでリラックスした雰囲気の中で受けることが出来ました。出会いに感謝です、今から次回が楽しみです。
アートメイクに興味はあったけど、なかなか手を出せずにいましたが、、 施術してもらってから、もっと早くにしてもらっておけば良かったと思いました✨✨ 自分に合った眉ラインを骨格からデザインしてくれて、今まで自分でしていた眉メイクよりも数倍気に入りました‼️😆 毎朝の準備は楽になるし、長持ちするし、絶対やってもらった方がいいです😊おすすめです✨
Anju Hidaka
Anju Hidaka
aroma effice
aroma effice
I had Asae come to my house to eyelash lift. She was very kind and professional, and listened carefully to my wishes. I felt very comfortable overall and liked the result. I will definitely be coming back.
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